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About me

Hey, I’m Audrey!

I am the founder & travel designer behind Norwegian Backroads and I’m so happy you’re here! 

My journey is not crazy or anything, but absolutely nothing was leading me to Norway… and yet, here I am running a company around it!

I was born & raised in Paris, France and lucky enough to grow up in a loving family who always supported me to live my dreams. I’ve always had a thing for travelling, foreign languages & cultures and that’s what I studied at university. 

Finding my path

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Finding my path

At the age of 20, I went on my first solo trip to San Francisco to study English for 6 weeks.


After that, I had one goal in mind: becoming an Event Planner. And I did. But after a few months into my dream career, I put a full stop to it. I loved the job, I loved my colleagues but there was no way I could do this every day for 40 years – going to work, working my a$$ off for a ridiculous salary, meeting my friends after work and complain about work around a drink and doing this every day, every week… 


So I bought a backpack, a one-way flight to Ireland and left on my first solo backpacking trip. 

It was scary but I was lost and I needed a change.

After a few months travelling to different countries, my journey led me to a 6-month mission within event & travel in Bergen.

I didn’t know anything about Norway, the culture,… I worked really hard that summer, but I met wonderful people and discovered a wonderful country. I was offered to stay and I didn’t hesitate one second.

Being far from my family & friends, adapting to a new culture, not knowing the language, working long hours… It was challenging but I was happy! I thought I had found the perfect way of combining my passion for events & travel planning and my growing love for Norway.

But after several years, I was lost again – employee life, doing things I didn’t believe in, not being aligned with my values… it didn’t make sense anymore.

So I did it again: I quit. 

The beginning of a new adventure: Norwegian Backroads!

In 2022, I started my own business for many reasons, but my main goal is to make you experience an authentic Norway – its beauty and its roughness

I want you to experience its Nature, meet the locals, discover the culture… creating a meaningful travelling experience and showing you that it is way more accessible than you think!

Travelling is about discovering a country, a culture, meeting people, opening your minds to different ways of living & thinking, seeing how life is on this part of the globe… It makes you reflect and think.

Travelling has changed my life and I want my clients to come back home with not only pictures on their phones but also memories, discoveries & learnings.

Ready to discover an authentic norway?